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During the first year of your child's life, she will go from a little-functioning newborn with limited motor control to a baby who is emerging to acquire some motor planning skills. This first stage of child development includes rapid physical growth that supports her new abilities. Therefore, we focus on the needs of your baby to promote her major milestones in large muscle movement and control that include rolling over at roughly 4 to 6 months, sitting up unassisted by 6 months old and crawling or even walking by 12 months.


In this early stage, we take a note of the needs and schedule of each individual infant and their family. Parents are expected to bring breast milk or dry formula as well as a clean bottle for every feeding in the course of the day. As your infants grow and develop through these early stages, we will continue to support their schedule and needs.


You would see us introduce them to large motor development/use that would include reaching for an object, follow the objects with their eyes, tummy time, sitting up, music, sensory activities.


We emphasize language development (no baby talk) to give them opportunities to hear words as intended to be spoken. At meal time,

all children eat together. We sit with infants at meal time, hold them and encourage them to be comfortable with other children as

it is a precious opportunity to learn and practice social skills in a relaxing environment.


By the end of the infant stage, children would learn to use tippy cup, self-feed, use of toddler chairs, learn and practice fine motor skills such as use of pincer grasp, pick up and put down small objects and make attempts to scribble with a crayon or other writing tool.

You will also notice, as your child reaches between 4 and 6 months, that she will begin to purposefully babble and laugh or squeal with emotion. By 12 months old, an infant may also have the ability to say simple words, such as "mama," and understand a limited vocabulary of basics, such as "no."


At around 11 months of age, we will begin transitioning infants to toddler program. We, as a team, will coordinate our joint efforts to help make this important milestone enjoyable and successful for you and your infant.

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