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                                     Library 2 Go!   Safety Visits

We have annual visits from Redmond Police Dapartment to talk with children about being safe in our community. They also guide us how to be safe in case of emergencies. Safety visits happen in Spring, Summer or Fall.


On a monthly basis, King County Library Outreach Program, sends a Library2Go! Mini-Bookmobiles to bring us books and videos. Children very much look forward to Library2Go! minibus to step inside, browse for books and check them out.



Library2Go! Mini-Bookmobiles

Service to Children and Communities

Children and neighborhood communities are served by Library2Go! mini-bookmobiles. Library2Go! mini-bookmobiles serve childcare centers, low-income housing, and senior centers each week in KCLS' service area. Each vehicle carries approximately 1,500 library items for all ages including books, audiobooks, DVDs and music CDs that are available for check out at each stop. The vehicles rotate between KCLS' 47 libraries, with different local library staff using the vehicles each week for outreach in their community.

Safety Visits from Redmond Police Department

In line with our philosophy to promote safety and trust in children as they spend their days with us, we reach out to Redmond Police Officers to help us carry this message to them.


Regularly, we request a visit from Redmond Police Department to visit our childcare. Our children very much look forward to their visit. They sit down and listen to officers talk about safety.

Children are allowed to go inside Police car and "drive" the police care. They even get to sound the siren which is alway fun for them.


This is a very effective method to put chidren directly with Police officers to build trust of Police in children. We hear positice feedback from children and their parents about thier experience.  

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