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This is a very exciting time for our students. They are getting ready to join other students in a new setting that is more challenging and offers opportunities to grow into well-functioning kindergartners.


In this yet another transitional stage, the emphasis is on getting children ready for kindergarten. Areas that we will continue to make progress in would be self-help, family style meal service, cleaning up after meal service, maintaining our classroom environment, dressing ourselves, tie our shoes, recognizing our first and last names, and writing our names.


Even though most children in the pre-k stage would demonstrate abilities on par with their developmental milestones, we will continue to practice recognizing letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, however we no longer review them alphabetically or numerically, we now recognize them by sight. 


As part of the curriculum that focuses on literacy, math and science, we would work both in groups or independently to identify shapes, count from 1 to 20, compare and classify objects.


It is so very nice to see pre-k children show high level of skills in social and emotional growth areas preparing them to eventually move on to their next school experience.

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