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It is common knowledge that children between ages 3-5 are recognized as preschoolers, whether they attend an actual preschool or not. By age 5, they must be able to use potty independently or with minimal support.  

They tend to be more socially developed and strive for more independence and taking responsibilities.


Depending on their particular interests, preschoolers might like to self-serve at meal service, cleaning up after meal service, dressing themselves, making own beds for nap time and help with sanitizing them.


By age 4, most children can move well, hopping and standing on one foot, kicking a softball with ease and even throwing a ball overhand. By age 5, children may even climb on play equipment, somersault and skip.


Due to the increase in preschoolers cognitive and fine motor skills, we, in our daily routines, emphasize group activities that would involve various skills in problem solving, name recognition, alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, eye hand coordination, cutting skills, writing skills, cognitive development, lacing, balance, catching and throwing among many other skills.


When preschool children begin to interact more closely with their peers, they would be certain to engage with them in cooperative play. Children will be learning to resolve conflict and build friendships while building greater self-regulation abilities in the emotional domain.

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