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Between ages one and three, you would notice your child demonstrates behaviors that would be consistent with her natural tendency to become independent. In this stage, during morning circle time, we typically begin to emphasize learning shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

On a regular basis, we read, sing, count, talk about the weather and practice flash cards. Twice daily, we do art projects, independent and in groups, based on the letter of the week and the weekly theme.

During this exciting stage, children are up on their feet walking and running. By 24 months, most children can kick a ball, walk up and down stairs with help and carry objects while moving.

Daily sensory activities can include play dough, water play, shaving cream ‘painting’, or sand play. Our schedule also includes two thirty minute outside play times, weather permitting.

Toddlers can also scribble, making marks that they see as real objects, build block towers and start to feed themselves. Language and communication skills sharply increase at this stage, with the typical 2 year old understanding between 500 and 700 words and speaking well over 500 words.

Development of crucial skills such as zipping up their jacket, putting on their shoes, and washing their hands are practiced daily.

Socially and emotionally, toddlers are immature, having little self-control and an unsophisticated style when "playing" with peers. For example, it isn't uncommon for a toddler to hit or yell when trying to share a toy with another child.

Each child is different, but we typically begin the potty training process anywhere between 18-24 months. We always keep you updated on your child’s progress, and try to build the best communication between the parent and teacher.

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