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Website Image Use Consent Form


This consent form allows us to place a photo of your child during an activity or interacting with other students while in Rose Hill Child Care. With your permission, I will publish the image of your child.


As there are potential dangers associated with internet publications, I take great precautions as to what is published.  On the same note, the website can serve as a networking tool for families to share successes of your child with other family members and their friends.


Check one of the following:


____  I/We give permission for my child’s photo/image only to be placed on Rose Hill Child Care’s website.

____  I/We do not give permission for my child’s photo/image to be place on Rose Hill Child Cares’ website.


Student’s Name: ____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (Please print): _______________________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________

Relation to Student: ____________________________________________

Date: __/__/____


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